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OR – A workplace like no other

Different patients, different teams. Different modalities – the complex routines in an OR are extremely demanding for people and technology.

At the same time, an OR must be a service provider with constantly improving efficiency for the hospital.

How can we design an OR for these very different requirements? TRILUX Medical answers this question with solutions that are equally process, patient and personnel-oriented. Customised, individual and all from a single source. Get to know us and our Engineering Health live. We would like to invite you to visit the TRILUX Medical Cube.

10 hours 7 operations.
4 teams. 2 departments. In one and the same OR

Flexibility – the first commandment in the OR. Everything has to change at short notice.
From a conventional operation to a minimally invasive procedure. Shoulder fracture to appendix. One end of the world to the other. No problem with TRILUX Medical.
With intelligent and also a affordable access to telemedicine, with advanced ceiling supply systems and lighting. TRILUX Medical offers a new solution every day for every problem.

Confined spaces demand
spacious thinking

Too small. Too cramped. Corners. Very few ORs are ideal. No progress is made with „slender“
equipment alone. Solutions that think outside the box are needed here, and if necessary, around the corner as well. TRILUX Medical is an expert in developing adaptable products for all conditions and challenges. TRILUX Medical is ready for anything.

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