Medi-Matic® 115 Series Examination Chair

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Medi-Matic® 115 Series Examination Chair

Introducing the Medi-Matic® 115 series Examination Chair

  • modern design adapted to ergonomic requirements
  • electronic height, seat and back section adjustment via foot switch quick adjustment of examination
    positions within a few seconds
  • saving of time and more comfort by memory function, 4 positions can be stored (Model No. 115.725 + Model No. 115.755)
  • a low starting position allows the patient to take place easily – without the need of a foot step
  • easy to keep clean and hygienic due to smooth and closed surface
  • plenty of colours for a creatively designed finish
  • safe working load 200 kg

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Other Options

Foot supports, pair
Model No. 101.4420.0
with integrated, powder coated handles, can be swiveled to the side, lockable. Leatherette cover for handles acc. to colour chart. Plastic covers of transparent material as protection for the foot supports

Ergo Steps
Model No. 101.2310.0 pair
leg support system with adjustable heel/calf troughs, grey plastic, can be swiveled to the side, integrated handles of circulartube in the same colour as the chair. Attachment elements in stainless steel, for installation on side rails (101.1370.0 required)

The new and trend-setting control concept for the examination and treatment chairs medi-matic® 115.725 and 115.755

Illuminated graphics display to indicate all chair functions
Electronic diagnosis function
2 additional programmable keys e.g for seat heating (gynaecology) or water inflow for basin with gyro flushing (urolgy) and, triggering of cold light source or a colposcope with integrated sockets 101.680
Storage and display of 8 memory positions (treatment positions/physician's selection)
Up to 50% reduction of adjustment times on 115.725 and 115.755 chairs
Soft start-up and ergonomic movement of chair positionings
foot and hand operation for the control of all adjustments